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Another job done. Mostly…

Just finished the merger of two companies’ email systems. I initially thought this wouldn’t be a big deal. Couple days worth of consulting. I should’ve known better. Started out at the end of April planning the move. Just finished the … Continue reading

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Funny thing about consulting…

…are the sheer number of hours it adds to your days. Today was the first day in a long time (not counting weekends) where I was home and done with work and workouts before the sun went down.

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Tired Joe…

So, yet once again I seem to have fallen off the face of the Earth. Don’t worry! I still live! This time, it’s for legitimate reasons. In the last few weeks I started working with a new consulting group. I … Continue reading

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Burning the candle at both ends…

So, the last few weeks have been awesome training wise. Everything really coming together. Then this week hit. And with it came more classes, plus training at work. 3 days loaded with encryption training. (Fascinating subject, even if some of … Continue reading

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Too damn early…

I’m at work. I should be at home, enjoying my coffee after a good swim. But no, I’m at work. Has something to do with the fact that the semester starts on Monday (already?). Seriously, today is Access registration. No, … Continue reading

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Yay for DST…

No real issues with the time change at work. One or two hiccups, but that was more user error than problems with the actual time change. In other news, how great is it to be able to knock out a … Continue reading

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Funny thing…

…about completing my first IM. Go back to work today, and life seems, well, just so MUNDANE. I mean, seriously! I find myself asking if this is all there is to it. Definitely signing up for FL when November rolls … Continue reading

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Funny thing, work…

This was one of those weeks where I love my job. I accomplish a lot, one of the directors actually comments on the job I’m doing (in a good way), and the week flies by. Even with the one or … Continue reading

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One of those days…

You know those days. The ones where your inbox is filled with meaningless questions? You’re tired, worn-out? Absolutely no focus? You just want to head home? Or, you want to scream but are too drained to work up the motivation? … Continue reading

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Protected: You know those weeks?

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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