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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

The opening of a daily newsletter I’m on neatly sums up what today has become: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, America. On behalf of Irish Americans everywhere, I invite all of you to share our cultural tradition of soda bread, corned … Continue reading

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Cycling vistas…

I’ve said for years that one of (if not THE) best ways to see the world is from the saddle of a bike. Nothing profound in this post, just some views that I was able to capture while riding the … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

Here’s to the start of a new decade. Wishing the best for you and yours.

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Some chlorine in the gene pool…

Seen while driving to work this morning: guy on his motorcycle, sans armor or helmet. Now, seeing an organ donor isn’t all that unusual. What was unusual was his girlfriend on the back, again sans armor or helmet, texting. Yes, … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s July 30th and this morning I was wearing a sweatshirt.

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Too funny…

So, news to no one, Boulder has a lot of Priuses driving around. As in TONS. Want proof? What’re the odds of the tree hitting two of them? Well, anywhere but Boulder, that is.

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What a night…

Tulo hits a 421 ft. HR and then steals home 3 innings later. You know, if there’s anything more demoralizing than having the other team steal home plate, I don’t know what it is.

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Colorado Thunderstorms…

File this under things certain family members don’t necessarily need to know. Head out this afternoon for an easy run. Still cool and humid with this wacky weather we’re having. Last 10 minutes of the run, it starts to drizzle. … Continue reading

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More Elephant Rock 2009

This really was a great ride. Douglas County south of Denver has some of the best ride options around. The trick is, though, to have the endurance to pull it off. Every year, I tell myself the ride is great … Continue reading

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Yoinked this from bittergem: Scary how true this is. I think my favorite part (meaning the one that has happened to me the most) is the bit towards the end where they say, okay, we’ll pay, but you need to … Continue reading

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