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Tel Aviv Runaround…

One of the things I find most fun about traveling is running in new locales. Being in Israel this last week and next, I’ve definitely had some good runs. I started off my first day in country with a run. … Continue reading

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Well that was fun…

So I went out Wednesday afternoon a little later than I had planned to try and squeeze in a ride before the snows hit. The forecast said I had plenty of time. Snow wasn’t supposed to start falling until around … Continue reading

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That’s a wrap…

I meant to finish writing this and post it yesterday. I mean, what better day than New Year’s Eve to post a wrap-up to the year that was? Well, best laid plans of mice and men and all, but I … Continue reading

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Sing us a song…

It’s amazing the tangents your mind goes off on on some of these longer rides. Some of them can be fueled by the music that happens to come up in the queue. The other day when I was climbing to … Continue reading

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Ominous Clouds…

That’s what greeted me the other evening as I headed out for a run. Quite beautiful, actually, in its own way. There’s just something almost primal about those clouds that form over the front range. No rain actually fell by … Continue reading

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Long rides…

So I’m getting into that stage of training for Wisconsin where my Saturday mornings (and sometimes afternoons or Sundays) are being devoured by long rides. When your A race has a 112-mile ride in the middle of it, there’s no … Continue reading

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A weekend of juggling…

The challenge of racing with my life is trying to get everything in. On the books for this weekend I had a long run and a brick. On top of that, I do actually try to have a life outside … Continue reading

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Funny thing about consulting…

…are the sheer number of hours it adds to your days. Today was the first day in a long time (not counting weekends) where I was home and done with work and workouts before the sun went down.

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Colorado Thunderstorms…

File this under things certain family members don’t necessarily need to know. Head out this afternoon for an easy run. Still cool and humid with this wacky weather we’re having. Last 10 minutes of the run, it starts to drizzle. … Continue reading

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When did I move to the east coast?

It was cloudy and rainy all weekend. ALL. FREAKING. WEEKEND. Very un-Colorado like. On the upside, the rain itself at least held off most days until later in the afternoon, so I was able to get some good riding in. … Continue reading

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