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It all began with a selfie…

Lesson learned: not all selfies are bad. Well, at least not the end result of them. Last weekend we were at Kevin & Amanda’s wedding. Having fun, and coming up on our first anniversary, Steph decided to send a selfie … Continue reading

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Dangers of a GoPro…

Or, to be more specific, the dangers of a GoPro and a dog harness mount. Kompetitive Edge, my bike shop, from Abby’s point of view. Welcome to KE – Abby's View from Joseph Vrablik on Vimeo.

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Ominous Clouds…

That’s what greeted me the other evening as I headed out for a run. Quite beautiful, actually, in its own way. There’s just something almost primal about those clouds that form over the front range. No rain actually fell by … Continue reading

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Living in Colorado…

Arguably the best things about living in Colorado are the opportunities afforded to you on a daily basis. Take today, for instance. Buddy I run with at lunch a few days each week had to bail on me today. Since … Continue reading

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Quick link hit: classifying people by their favorite author. Dan Brown and Stephenie Meyer are amusing.

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Irony is…

…skiing at Copper and seeing the Eldora Mountain Ski Club up here training. Heh. Simply awesome day for skiing. Davey is doing quite well for his first day back on skis in 4 years. Hope everyone is having a great … Continue reading

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Wait, can it be?

We have sun this morning. And a high above 20 to boot.

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Happy Thanksgiving

All the best to you and your’s.

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1 Day…

…and counting. I just have to make it through tomorrow.

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Snow day…

Campus officially closes at 2pm today. Second time this year. Hell has frozen over.

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