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Tel Aviv Runaround…

One of the things I find most fun about traveling is running in new locales. Being in Israel this last week and next, I’ve definitely had some good runs. I started off my first day in country with a run. … Continue reading

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Sing us a song…

It’s amazing the tangents your mind goes off on on some of these longer rides. Some of them can be fueled by the music that happens to come up in the queue. The other day when I was climbing to … Continue reading

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Irony is…

…skiing at Copper and seeing the Eldora Mountain Ski Club up here training. Heh. Simply awesome day for skiing. Davey is doing quite well for his first day back on skis in 4 years. Hope everyone is having a great … Continue reading

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Loveland wins…

…by miles. Ski season is officially on!

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Of Simple Pleasures…

When one starts getting overly caught up in work and other stuff, it is so simple to lose sight of the simple pleasures in life. Today a buddy of mine said he’d like to knock out an easy ride this … Continue reading

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Colorado Thunderstorms…

File this under things certain family members don’t necessarily need to know. Head out this afternoon for an easy run. Still cool and humid with this wacky weather we’re having. Last 10 minutes of the run, it starts to drizzle. … Continue reading

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More Elephant Rock 2009

This really was a great ride. Douglas County south of Denver has some of the best ride options around. The trick is, though, to have the endurance to pull it off. Every year, I tell myself the ride is great … Continue reading

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Elephant Rock 2009

Was an awesome ride this year. Lots of climbing and nearly perfect weather. The wind up on the table tops was brutal. Got it done, though!

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Not as epic as yesterday…

…but a good day nonetheless. Only got about 38,000+ vertical feet today. Still made first tracks, at least. Just had to get down the mountain before the worst of the weekend/spring break traffic hit.

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I’m gonna pay for this tomorrow…

First tracks. Last tracks. 50,000+ vertical feet. My poor legs… T’was a good day.

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