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It all began with a selfie…

Lesson learned: not all selfies are bad. Well, at least not the end result of them. Last weekend we were at Kevin & Amanda’s wedding. Having fun, and coming up on our first anniversary, Steph decided to send a selfie … Continue reading

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

The opening of a daily newsletter I’m on neatly sums up what today has become: Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, America. On behalf of Irish Americans everywhere, I invite all of you to share our cultural tradition of soda bread, corned … Continue reading

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That makes it official…

Got this in my email last week: Dear JOSEPH VRABLIK! I wanted to thank you for your dedication to IRONMAN and to our sport. I continue to be inspired by the devotion, determination, and incredible spirit displayed by you and … Continue reading

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Fly Fishing in Russia…

Last month Dad & I headed over to Russia for a spot of fly fishing. Specifically, the Kamchatka Peninsula, just across the Bering Sea from Alaska. Interestingly enough, getting to Russia wasn’t the exciting part. (The flight from Denver to … Continue reading

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Heading Home…

A wonderful time away fly fishing with Dad. We had great companions and superb guides. Unfortunately, time to get back to reality…

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Independence Day

I think President Coolidge’s speech 90 years ago provides one of the best summations of what’s celebrated today. One of the best quotes: About the Declaration there is a finality that is exceedingly restful. It is often asserted that the … Continue reading

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Dangers of a GoPro…

Or, to be more specific, the dangers of a GoPro and a dog harness mount. Kompetitive Edge, my bike shop, from Abby’s point of view. Welcome to KE – Abby's View from Joseph Vrablik on Vimeo.

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This past Saturday was the Ironman 70.3 race in Boulder. I haven’t raced it in several years for various reasons, not the least of which being the course. There’s not an inch of shade on the run, and very little … Continue reading

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Snorkeling in Bora Bora…

One of the things Steph and I were most looking forward to was a snorkeling excursion in and around the lagoon surrounding Bora Bora. The boat and our guid, Nani, picked us up at the resort’s dock at about 9:30 … Continue reading

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Touring Bora Bora…

You’d think there isn’t much to see on such a small island. To be honest, with only a single road running along the perimeter, you wouldn’t be far off. Having said that, there are some things worth checking out. So … Continue reading

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