It all began with a selfie…

Lesson learned: not all selfies are bad. Well, at least not the end result of them.

Last weekend we were at Kevin & Amanda’s wedding. Having fun, and coming up on our first anniversary, Steph decided to send a selfie to Angie, our wedding coordinator from last year.

Angie was busy coordinating another wedding that night. Not being one to be left out, she replied.

The next day we headed down to the Broadmoor for a couple of nights to celebrate our own anniversary. Monday morning we were sitting out on the patio enjoying breakfast when we saw a couple out walking a pair of very large horses, er, I mean, dogs. Dogs that looked very familiar. What followed, for the other couple at least, was what we’re pretty sure was a rather awkward conversation:

Me: “Excuse me, but did you both just get married on Saturday?”

Woman: “Uh, yes.”

Me: “Congratulations! Did Angie happen to be your wedding coordinator?”

Woman (now clearly the Bride): “Well, yes. How did you know?”

Steph: “Oh, she was our wedding coordinator as well! We were at a wedding ourselves on Saturday and were texting with her. She sent us a selfie and we recognized your dog.”

Bride: “Wow! How neat! When is your anniversary?”

Steph: “Yesterday!”

Bride: “Well happy anniversary!”

We kept on running into them all day: while out walking the dogs, they were heading in for a massage as we were leaving, etc. By the end of our visit we had exchanged friend requests on Facebook with the newlyweds saying they’d love to have dinner when they come back next year for their first anniversary. Fun times!

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