Snorkeling in Bora Bora…

One of the things Steph and I were most looking forward to was a snorkeling excursion in and around the lagoon surrounding Bora Bora. The boat and our guid, Nani, picked us up at the resort’s dock at about 9:30 that morning. The tour was going to circle the island, with 3 stops to see the life (two on the southern end, one just outside the reef just west of Vaitape) and then a short rest stop for snacks.

To start, we made a stop just past the Intercontinental Resort on the south end of the lagoon. Here we were going to see some stingrays (albeit with the barbs removed). What surprised us was how they started to circle the boat. Apparently they know they’re going to be fed when the boats show up.




Ray Swim from Joseph Vrablik on Vimeo.

As you can see, one of the other guests on the tour wasn’t so sure about the rays to say the least. After that, we went a little further around the southern end of the lagoon, just south of Matira Point. There we saw coral and other reef life.

The highlight of the excursion had to be the swim we had with a school of black tip and lemon sharks. This was just outside the barrier reef surrounding Bora Bora to the west of Vaitape.

Shark Swim from Joseph Vrablik on Vimeo.

Following the swim with sharks, we made a short stop to relax up north of the island near the airport and had some fruit and coconut. When we got back to the resort in mid afternoon, we just reverted to type and hung out around the pool.




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